Top 10 tips for building client relationships

Top 10 tips for building client relationships


Client Relationships



At Right Venues we understand the importance of our relationship with our clients, which is why we are able to give you a tailored and personal service at all times. Having built up many years of experience, we are able to bring you our top tips on building client relationships, so that you can see for yourself the standards we set for ourselves and ensure that we deliver on with every project that we are involved in.


 1. Do the basics well
Our success and strong client relationships can be attributed to our firm understanding of the basics. A company must always provide a high-quality client service with close attention to detail, and at no stage should standards be compromised or corners cut.

2. Be flexible
We understand that no event is standard, and that clients expect a flexible approach to their business requirements. Clients do not want to pay for things they don’t need, so a clear understanding of all requirements and an ability to adapt is essential.

3. Transparency
Invoice surprises are a sure-fire way to lose a client’s trust. At Right Venues we make sure that we are up-front with our clients and keep them up-to-date on any extra costs that may be incurred. As a result of this we are a trusted and valuable resource to our customers, who often return to us for further business.

4. Respond quickly
A company must ensure that their service is quick, while also remaining thorough. Our extensive knowledge of venues and our personal relationships from dealing with these venues means that when a client comes to us with a certain specification, we are able to quickly understand their requirements by utilizing our knowledge and past experience.

5. Have a constant point of contact
There is nothing worse than having multiple points of contact when it comes to planning an event, because mistakes and misinterpretations are an almost inevitable complication. At Right Venues we assign an Account Manager to each project who will dedicate their time to understanding the client’s requirements and form a trusting relationship with them.

6. Meet clients face-to-face
It is important to invest time in meeting clients face-to-face, as keeping clients at arm’s length over the phone or email is a false economy. Having a single point of contact at Right Venues means that we are completely dedicated to each project we are assigned, and always have the time to meet clients in person.

7. Understanding new facilities
It is important to have an up-to-date understanding of what different venues have to offer. We ensure that we are familiar with the venues we book with, and that we keep up-to-date with current refurbishments and developments at venues across the country and internationally.

8. Understanding the industry
An important factor when it comes to building client relationships is showing dedication to the task in hand, and this includes showing that you have done your research when attending industry trade shows. There are more of these than there ever has been, and having knowledge of the relevant ones is vital and is something that we like to keep up-to-date with.

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9. A good value service
Clients have to justify return on investment so they can confidently assess the success of their dealings with a company. At Right Venues we work with the client from the outset to ensure we are offering them the best value possible, and to ensure that we have opportunities for business with them in the future.

10. Keep the customer satisfied
Clients remember when they have been taken care of and received a quality personal service, and this is at the forefront of our mind with each client we deal with.


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