Travellers who take toiletries

Travellers who take toiletries

Travellers and taking toiletries

We are all guilty of taking toiletries from a hotel room; but how many people take this a step further? Do people take home the towels, robes, slippers, coffee or luxury bedding?


Here is what a survey by found about your fixation with finding a freebie:

  • 35% of global travellers will happily take home some of the hotel’s amenities
  • The most commonly taken items are magazines and books
  • Americans prefer to pinch bed linen and towels
  • Chinese travellers prefer to take furnishings


So is this a bad thing? Well, according to many hotels if you take away items such as bed linen, towels, furniture, electrical appliances etc, then you can expect to incur an additional charge. Robes are now so commonly taken from hotel rooms that many of the hangers now list a charge on the hanger. These items are usually not OK to take.

However, all things that cannot be reused by another guest, such as: toiletries, stationary, slippers, biscuits and coffee, are all acceptable items to stuff into your suitcase before you leave. In fact, I was shocked to read that many hotels do not have a recycling programme, so many of the bottles from half-used shampoo will be simply thrown away and end up in landfills every year, so you might even be doing the environment a favour.

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