Do you need a speaker for your next conference event……

Do you need a speaker for your next conference event……

Conference speaker UKWhen you need a speaker for your conference or event, you have – what appears to be – an incredible amount of choice out there.  Ultimately you want someone who is reliable, engaging, relevant, motivational, thought provoking, entertaining and good value.

Doesn’t seem so hard!

But, just because most of us have a voice, it doesn’t mean that we can all work a platform (and an audience) resulting in a memorable and behaviour-changing message. Good professional speakers are in the top 1%. Very few people can do the job (and we’ve all endured some of the worst!).

So, before you book a speaker for your conference or event make sure of the following:


1. They come recommended from a trustworthy source who has actually seen the speaker in action!

2. They make their living by speaking professionally

3. They are willing to work with you to bespoke the message to your audience

4. They are clear about what they need from you – without being a diva!

5. They are willing to be flexible (arriving early – leaving late)

6. They are reliable and professional – doing what they say they will from your 1st contact

For most conferences, a good speaker will cost you about the same as a couple of cups of coffee per delegate.  And will be far more important to the success of the event!

So, when it comes to hiring a speaker, consider someone who has been voted ‘Best speaker In Conference’ more often than he has not. Someone about whom the conference industry itself says:

“Excellent and probably one of the best presenters that I have seen at a (conference industry) event”

Someone whose fees are proportionate and affordable.  Someone who regularly and often speaks across the UK, Europe, Middle East, USA and beyond.  Someone who will turn up early and leave late. A safe, reliable (but innovative!) pair of hands for your event.

Someone like Andy Edwards.

Andy is offering a 25% discount on his standard fees to anyone mentioning Right Venues – and by the end of September.  Visit his web site for more information