Many clients choose international locations outside of the UK to host their meetings, conferences and events. This may be due to convenience of location, as is the case for many international clients, or the decision may be based on organising an event with a cultural bias and point of difference.

Right Venues has excellent contacts across all the major international hotel chains, as well as the independent hotels and we can venue and destination match to your exact requirements. Right Venues can source large conference auditoriums with the best in acoustic, to small exclusive venues with bespoke facilities. We can cater for sporting requirements, coastline activities, gourmet cuisine, to convenient airport locations. We can book venues for you in Europe, the US and Australasia.

Securing an international booking through Right Venues eliminates the challenges associated with time difference and cultural and language barriers.


Contact us to find out how our international knowledge can assist you in planning your next event and sourcing the perfect venue, or check out our international venue guides which cover some of our favourite overseas venues and locations.

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